Locksmith in Lakeville, MN
SEM Family Locksmith

Locksmith in Lakeville, MN

Heavy doors, as well as doors to business premises, should be well secured. In addition to locks, heavy-duty padlocks will enhance the protection you give to your business. Their strength, durability and ability to withstand the elements are what you look for. You can find such products from Sem Family Locksmith in Lakeville MN in a wide variety of types and sizes; all suitable for your use. Our many years working in this business has allowed us to differentiate the wheat from the chaff; you can count on our advice. Our products, of which all are from tested and tried brands are affordable and durable.

A radio-dispatched emergency unit is a mark of efficiency

At Sem Family Locksmith in Lakeville MN, we live with the belief that all customer’s problems should be addressed with the urgency and promptness they deserve. That is why we have an established radio-dispatched emergency unit to help any of our clients who may be in distress. Furthermore, our unit is staffed with our most experienced and dedicated staff; to get you out of any lock and key, or security situation at any time of the day. Within moments of your call, we will be at your service. This is one of the many reasons why we are the preferred choice of many clients.

The experts you will call when you need your safes and vaults opened

There are times when you need a certain document or something valuable from the safe place you have secured it. It may so happen that the locks will jam and cannot have what you need with the urgency required. At such a time, your call to experts at Sem Family Lakeville locksmith can help you have your safes and vaults opened. We will arrive promptly and work on the jammed locks and you will have you valuables quickly. Our integrity is impeccable and you can be assured that your valuables are safe.

How transponder keys will enhance your car security

With the need for conventional car keys diminishing by the day, other methods of securing cars have been developed to cope with this situation. Among them are the transponder keys which use radio waves to keep your cars safe from break-ins. Your security is enhanced because unlike normal car locks which can be picked easily by experienced crooks, modern methods are tough to crack. We at Sem Family Locksmith in Lakeville MN will provide you with these keys and install the system in your car. So, call us on 651-705-8588 for a transformation of your car security.

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