commercial locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

The market place is flooded with hundred if not thousands of technologies claiming to be safe physical security. That is why it is so important to have a certified member of the Associated Locksmiths of America to help filter through reliable protections and cheap gimmicks. With the addition of so many electronic locks on the market, it can be puzzling to a business owner of the right type of device for the company. ALOA maintains the industry standard for expertise on locks and physical security. There is never a bad time to call and get your questions sorted out.

Locksmith Minneapolis Supplies the Local Companies with New Locks

Our store rooms are packed with the latest and the greatest locks on the market. Here at Sem Family Locksmith Minneapolis, we can deliver a new padlock, deadbolt, knob lock, tumbler lock, cam lock, rim lock, mortise lock, and many others. The technicians at Sem Family Commercial Locksmith Minneapolis can help install any of these locks and have all the right mechanisms to assure a solid fitting. We want our customers to feel assured that they will be safe at work. Your place of business will be better protected after a visit from us.

commercial locksmith

Locksmith Minneapolis Has the Name Brand Locks that Businesses Love

Do you need a specific brand? Do you need a brand like Hayman, Kwikset, Gardall, Chubb, American Lock, Sargent, Union, Kaba, Baldwin, Arrow, and others? Here at Sem Family Locksmith Minneapolis, we have the quality and trusted names that business owners need. These are the brands that have been tested as reliable and can provide a great security when installed correctly. All of us at Sem Family Locksmith Minneapolis are here 24 hours a day ready to deliver a great product with a great installation. This is a service that is found no where else.

A Locksmith in Minneapolis that Specializes in Safes and Vaults for Businesses

The Safes and Vault Technicians Association has certified our commercial locksmith in Minneapolis as the local expert on security storage. We are the experts when it comes to brand names like ioSafe, Hamilton, Fire King, Gun Vault, First Alert, and other brands. The technicians on our team can repair or crack all types of storage devices including depository safes, drop boxes, fire safes, and others. We are offering our services to the business community 24 hours a day everyday and it is fully comprehensive.

Minneapolis Commercial Locksmith
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Professional Lock Pickers by a Locksmith in Minneapolis

The workday can be met with many types of challenges. Some of these challenges are easily fixed by a call to our locksmith in Minneapolis. Accidental lockouts happen and we can be at your office within fifteen minutes with the tools to open a lock without damaging it. This is a 24 hour emergency service because we understand how important it is for the day to return to normal. This is the time to call and get your business functioning the way it should.

An Automotive Locksmith that Specializes in Commercial Business

There have been may advancements made in the field of automotive field security. Sem Family automotive locksmith has all the advanced gadgets that are required for a quality transponder reprogramming, ignition repair, and lock repair. If you business utilizes water crafts, automobiles, or tractors then you would benefit from our 24 hour promise. We can be at any location in the local area within 15 minutes with solution to your problem. Now is the time call and get back on the road.

Commercial Locksmith Minneapolis

The Very Best Commercial Locksmith has the Highest Customer Service

Each locksmith on Sem Family team operates under the highest code of ethics for the industry of physical security. As a 24 hours business, we want to do our part to maintain the economy. Our expertise extends to all types of locks so that we can help fit the specific needs of each of the local companies. We built this company in the hopes that it would convenient to everyone. Our goal is to secure as many workplaces as possible with advanced security. This is the best time to call and get the products that you need to stay safe in this dangerous world of ours.