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One of a person’s most valued possessions is a vehicle. Everyone of us does our best to keep it safe from being stolen or damaged, most likely for this specific purpose.You should never neglect the importance of keeping your favorite car secure, whether it be with transmission locks or dashboard cameras. The engine immobilizer is one of the most necessary elements for security and safety onboard contemporary cars. So, here are some things to understand about this device.

In layman’s terms, an immobilizer is a form of electronic security system utilized by millions of modern automobiles worldwide. An electronic chip that is integrated into the vehicle’s ECU, or engine control unit, is used by this device to decode smart key codes and start your car.

How does an immobilizer work?

How this device works is pretty simple to understand. Modern cars have been equipped with this device, which works with a transponder key. It is a measure devised by car manufacturers to curb the consistent rise in car theft. With this device, nobody can start your car engine without a key that is specifically programmed to work with your car. This means you can’t use a different key to start a car.

In better terms, this device is an advanced anti-theft technology integrated into the ECT. It stops the engine from starting without the vehicle’s genuine and approved keys. It also employs a specially crafted, digitally-coded key—often referred to as a “Smart Key”—to do that.

These smart keys hold within them a transponder chip, which is equivalent to a password. The vehicle’s password can only be read by the transponder reader present in the car. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the immobilizer compares the key code (password) to the code embedded in the ECU of the car. The device then turns on the fuel system and ignition switch after it has made a match. The reverse is the case if a match is not made. That is how car theft may be prevented. It may sound complex, but it is really a simple process.

Sem Family Locksmith-Your Trusted Solutionist

Whether mechanical or electronic, a device can develop a fault. So, what happens when you can’t seem to start your own car even with the right transponder key? In a situation like that, the case is usually that your chip key has been damaged. It could also be that the fault is in the ECU. Whatever it is, you may end up needing replacement car keys or having a key fob repaired.

Sem Family Locksmith is a specialist company when it comes to dealing with such cases. Indeed, your car not starting even with the right chip key can be frustrating. It makes you look like a thief trying to steal your car. If you can’t seem to figure this out, all you need to do is call a professional locksmith. However, you will be making the right choice if you reach out to us.

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals can decipher the problem and proffer the best solution. And this won’t even take much of your time, especially if you need to be somewhere important. The most common solution to such a problem is to either reprogram the key or replace it. The replacement key would still have to be programmed to work with your car.

Affordable 24 Hour Locksmith Services

We offer a service that is reasonably priced and won’t break the bank. We are aware that there are situations when spending money may be our only option. However, it is not necessary to spend in a way that leaves you cashless. You will receive the best price in the city when you use our services in Minneapolis, MN. You don’t have to wait until your next pay day to get back on your feet again.

Only your best interests are important to us. In Minneapolis, MN, we also provide locksmith services around-the-clock. When all appears lost, especially at unusual hours, you can always count on us. The only thing you have to do is contact us, and we’ll send a pro your way.

We also take emergency situations seriously since nobody can forecast them. One should be ready for it because one cannot anticipate it. As a result, we have a staff that is solely responsible for providing emergency services.

We will arrive at the location as fast as possible to resolve the situation. Whether you are locked out of your car, or there is a broken key in the ignition. Give us a call and learn more about us!

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