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Front Door Locks – All You Need To Know About It!

Door locks are the first barrier to home security and should be purchased carefully. You want to ensure that your door lock keeps you safe and gives you a sense of security. There are many kinds of door locks, each with its functions and uses. The purpose of a door lock is to secure the inside of your home and business from intruders. Good front door locks will prevent burglars from breaking into your house and company through force or trickery by limiting their access points and making it difficult for them to enter your home. So, if you are conscious of your safety, contact our Sem Family Locksmith company in Minneapolis, MN, for our assistance.

How To Choose The Right Entry Door Lock?

Front door locks protect you and your family from intruders and are home security’s first line of defense. Many kinds of locks are used for entrance, but the most powerful ones are cylindrical and mortise locks available in light-duty and heavy-duty models. Entry door locks are categorized based on their security and materials. These are:

  • Grade 1 (commercial) & Grade 2 (residential)
  • Grade 3 ( residential)

The best entryway locks belong to Grade 1 as these locks give the maximum level of security. The material of the item is another significant factor. Reliable producers never utilize brittle metals and strong steel. Some general guidelines should keep in mind when choosing a front door lock.

First, ensure that the front door will be used primarily by employees or guests, not regular customers. A front door that is unlocked and used as the main entrance by everyone in the building will be more susceptible to being broken. A more secure option would be to have the doors locked during normal business hours, with only staff or guests having access during certain times. Second, ensure that the front door lock fits the size and shape of the door.

Front Door Security stocks many front door locks to suit any needs. Finally, choose a front door lock with enhanced security features such as anti-bumping and anti-pinch protection. These prevent someone from being able to use brute force or jimmy-jams to break. So, selecting the right door lock is important for your safety. For your assistance, we are also available. Call our expert locksmith Minneapolis, and we will be at your service.

What Are The Types Of Front Door Locks?

Deadbolt Locks:

A deadbolt lock protects a door or other entrance. A deadbolt’s high-security level makes it an excellent choice for protecting rooms, offices, and master bedrooms. Deadbolts work by simply turning a key, and it retracts the bolt into the strike plate present on the door frame. A deadbolt has a steel bolt, making it harder for an intruder to enter with force.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are usually half-round or cylinder locks that include a mortise in which the lock fits. The advantage of using a mortise lock is that it is more secure than a cylinder lock, as the cylinder can only work in one way. On the other hand, mortise locks are harder to pick than cylinder locks, as they require more force to break open. While door locks seem like simple pieces of hardware, they are an essential part of the home security system. While many different types and styles are available on the market today, you should always choose one that is appropriate for your personal needs.

Cylindrical Locks:

Cylindrical locks use in commercial and residential applications. It provides strength, durability, and security for your door. The main benefit of a cylindrical lock is its quick installation. Cylindrical locksets are commonly used in homes, offices, and interior doors—the ignition of cylindrical locks made from brass or die-cast zinc. A lock’s outer casing is made from brass, chrome, steel, nickel, or any other durable metal or alloy.

Electronic Locks:

This entry lock is also used for security purposes and uses electric current. The benefit is that you can remotely lock and unlock your doors and monitor whether they are locked or unlocked. Besides this, it has many advantages to using electronic locks. These advantages are:

  • It is impossible to copy a key
  • The security code cannot be seen
  • Lost keys are not a problem
  • It is easy to use than other door locks

Our Sem Family Locksmith company provides all these and many other front door locks and is aware of all the professional security solutions. Call our company’s expert locksmith in Minneapolis, MN, if you want to provide security to your business, homes, banks, and other commercial places.


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