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High security locks are desirable and usually patented. Also this type of lock has a key that is limited or restricted on duplication. This means added security for you and your property. Not only are locks of this magnitude restricted when it comes to the making of additional keys, the security of the lock is the virtually “pick proof” .Now we know that this quality lock gives security, by non-duplicability keys, and being “pick proof” but there is another advantage.

 The most clever criminal may resort to drastic means such as making use of a drill. Not a problem with this security mechanism as the lock is designed to be resistant to drilling. All of these features when combined, are what makes security locks a great choice, but if you need to gain entrance because of a loss of key, you will need a great locksmith to come to the rescue. Sem Family Commercial Locksmith Mound MN, not only installs high security locks, they have the skills required to gain entrance for you is needed.

Locksmith in Mound, MN will install master key systems.

Many forms of business make use of a master key system. This system allows the owner of the system to have in his or her possession what is known as a master key which is a specialized key that can open all the locks within the system no matter how many individual locks may be involved. This feature is referred to as a group of locks being “keyed” alike with a key that has been “master keyed”. 

Property owners have to assist their tenants in regaining entry when they lock themselves out as well as when the tenants vacate. This is not an issue when you have a master key to every lock on your properties. When you are in need of a master key system for your properties, Locksmith in Mound MN can assist you with installing master key systems.

Mound Locksmith

Sem Family Locksmith Mound, MN is on call with Lockout Services.

No doubt you or someone you know has been locked out of their own home. Whether it is a result of being in a rush, distracted as leaving the home, or a child pulling a prank on you, one thing is for sure, you must gain entry and the sooner the better. It is true that you can keep a key outside your door in a place where you assume nobody would look, but with this comes the great likelihood that you will become a victim of a break-in. As a result, the likelihood of making a decision to place a spare key outside the safety of your home is not generally a preferred choice. If and unintentional lockout happens to you, just give Sem Family Locksmith Mound MN or Lakeland locksmith a call at 651-705-8588 and request our lockout services.

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Sem Family Mound Locksmith professionals are experts in Master key systems.

So you are an owner of properties and if you do not want to be loaded down with a huge ring of keys everywhere you go, you no doubt have had installed a master system. This saves you all the headache of fumbling through dozens of keys to find the one that fits that particular lock. The reality is while this is a huge advantage, master keys eventually get passed around to those working for you or with you. Even if you are very selective, you may just find yourself in need of a new master key or the re-keying of your properties. At Sem Family Mound Locksmith, we handle all your master key system records an needs in a professional and dependable manner.

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