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Lock Rekeying At An Affordable Price With Good Quality!

A  rekey is the process of changing the pins in a lock. It is an important step in locking system maintenance since it helps prevent unauthorized access to your home or office. When you rekey a lock, you change the pin configuration so no one can use an old key to open the door. Many professional locksmiths offer a good lock rekeying service. You can hire an expert to change your lock’s internal mechanism for a new key. In this way, it secures you from intruders and thieves who can find access to your old key. Suppose you need a top-notch service, then all our Sem Family Locksmith in Minneapolis, MN, for our service. We are available with rekeying service for all kinds of locks, including front door locks, i.e. (deadbolt locks, cylindrical, electronic, keypad ) and many other types of locks.

What Is Lock Rekeying Locksmith Service?

Lock rekeying replaces pins inside a lock, so the old key no longer works. It is an excellent way to secure your home or business, and a locksmith can do it in just a few minutes. A lock rekey is needed when you’ve lost the house or car keys, or your existing key doesn’t work anymore.
If someone else has taken possession of your old keys without permission, then rekeying your lock will ensure that person cannot enter your home again. It also means that if you misplace one set of keys for an entrance door into your property (such as the back door), there are other ways for people to get inside without needing that particular set anymore. In this situation, you can contact any professional locksmith providing this lock rekey service to maintain your security. He will change your door lock’s internal pin pattern and give you a new key. In this way, you will be at peace of mind if anybody finds access to your key. You can call our technician locksmith in Minneapolis, MN, to help you with this situation.

When Do You Need A Lock Rekeying Service?

There are many conditions in which you should need to rekey your locks. These are:
  1. You have lost your key
  2. You have moved into a new house
  3. Your locks have been damaged
  4. Your keys are old and worn out
  5. You want to change the level of security in your homes

How To Rekey A Lock At Home!

Rekeying is easier than it seems. First, you must purchase a rekey kit of the same brand from where you purchased your lock. The key should have all the tools needed to replace the internal pins. These are the steps included in the process:

Step 1: Removing The Doorknob

The initial step is to remove the door handle from the entryway. To do this, you’ll have to adjust the holes in the cylinder by turning the handle counterclockwise and holding it or inserting and turning the key a quarter to the right side. After it, insert and press the removal tool and pop the handle off to separate it from the shank.

Step 2: Removing The Cylinder

After removing the knob, you have to remove the cylinder from the inside. Using an appropriate tool, remove the cap of the knob and push the cylinder from front to back.

Step 3: Taking Out The C-Clip

The next step is to hold the cylinder in place and remove the c-clip.

Step 4: Attach The Plug Of A Key

Remove the key plug using the follower tube present in the rekeying kit. After doing this, attach it to the cylinders back and put the key into the lock.
 Now, push the cylinder plug out by holding the springs and pins in their place.

Step 5: Dumping Out All The Old Pins

Dump all the pins present in the plug and insert the new key.

Step 6: Insertion Of New Pins

Insert new pins by keeping in mind the instructions present in the kit.

Step 7: Replace The Plug

Now you have to replace the plug into the cylinder by slowly pushing out the plug follower. Once inserted, make sure that it turns.

Step 8: Reattach Of Knob To A Door

By reinserting the cylinder into the knob, attach it to the door.

Step 9: Test The Lock

Once everything gets done, test the lock to ensure it is functioning properly.
If you feel difficult to rekey your lock at home, then it’s the right time to call our Sem Family Locksmith expert. Our professional locksmith St. Paul offers the best lock rekeying service with proper guidance.
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