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Your house is your castle and you want it to be the safest place for you, your family, and your valuables. You want to keep intruders out and secure your home from any unwanted element. Locks are one of the best ways to guard your home against intruders. Locks can be opened with a key but keys can also be unlocked with a specific key – a lock’s key or its special code or chip. Today, almost every home has locks installed because they are such great security measures.

However, there are some lock users who have lost their keys, or maybe they might have moved into new homes where the locks aren’t compatible with their old ones. If this explains you better, then that’s great news! A chip key locksmith at Sam Family Locksmith can help you get access to your home again without having to worry about anything else except getting settled and being happy once more!

What is a Chip Key Lock?

A chip key lock uses a unique key code for unlocking the door. This unique key code is created when you program your lock with the new key. This key code is then sent to the key receiver inside the lock so that it allows the key to unlocking the door. The key receiver is also called a lock cylinder. When you program your lock, you will be given a specific key code that you enter into your lock to unlock the door. If you lose your key or it gets broken into pieces, you can then replace it with a new key that uses the same code.

How Does A Chip Key Lock Work?

When you insert the key into your lock, it will be read by the lock and then the lock will digitally create a key code in the hopes that it will unlock the door. To make sure that no one else uses your key code, the lock will send this code to the key receiver or the lock cylinder. If you enter your key code into the key receiver, it will then allow the door to unlock and open.

How To Identify If Your Lock Is A Chip Key Lock?

If you are having trouble opening your lock with a key, it’s best to try and use a special chip key. However, if you don’t know what lock you have, it’s best to call a chip key locksmith. Here are some clues that may help you identify the lock that you have inside your home:

  • The lock may have a keypad or a keyhole instead of a traditional keyhole. You can usually tell if the lock is a chip key lock by looking at these details.
  • The lock may have a code instead of a keypad or keyhole.
  • The lock may be a digital lock.
  • The lock may have a green light that flashes when the door is closed and a red light that flashes when the door is open.

Emergency Lockout Service For Chip Key Locks

If you lock yourself out at home, you will want to make sure that you call a locksmith immediately. However, if you lock yourself out with a chip key lock, you will want to call a locksmith immediately as well. The lockout service for chip key locks is especially useful when you lose your key and do not have a spare key. The lockout service will allow you to remotely unlock your door and let you in without having to unlock it yourself. This service is perfect if you are stuck somewhere in a situation where you can’t unlock your door. For example, if you are at work and you lock yourself out, you can call the lockout service to unlock your door remotely.



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