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Auto Locksmith Minneapolis

Regardless of what type of key you need to have copied it is always a great idea to have your keys copied by Auto Locksmith Minneapolis. Our master locksmiths have many years of experience in duplicating and copying all types of keys; from manual to a transponder and many more. Not only can we copy many types of keys but we guarantee that our keys are always accurate as well. It is inconvenient to use a key that you have had copied; it does not work, which is why we ensure you that ours will. Contact us for your key copying needs and know more about auto locksmith services.

Have You New Offices Locks Rekeyed

It is important that when you move into a new office that you have your locks rekeyed; for the simple reason that you don’t know who has a key to those locks. An ex-employee from the former business that never returned the key or a maid who didn’t relinquish a key, why worry, when you can have Auto Locksmith Minneapolis, rekey your locks. Most of the time it is cheaper to have them rekeyed as there is not new hardware involved. Contact us at 651-705-8588; we will be able to let you know whether a rekey or install should be done.

Want More Security for Your Tenants Use a Master Key System

When you want to have more security for your Tenants try using a master key system; this system can help cut down on the amount of keys the tenants may need to carry; or that you carry for the building as well. Auto Locksmith Minneapolis can help with designing a system to meet your specific needs such as, you can have one key for yourself to the whole building while each individual tenant has one key for the main door and one for their own apartment, thus keeping the security of the building more intact and intruders that don’t live there down.

New Locks Installation Is Imperative for Security of a New Home or Office

New locks installation is imperative for security of a new home or office, as you never know who has a key to the locks that are installed in your home or office. Ensure that a professional locksmith such as Auto Locksmith Minneapolis installs any new locks in your home or office as an improperly installed lock will lower any security the property has. Locks that are not properly installed are easier for an intruder to force when they try to break in than one that is properly installed. Contact us when you move into your new home or office for new locks.

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